Masters in Economics: 2 years program

Our Masters to program emphasizes knowledge of advanced analytical techniques and the ability to apply them in new contexts.

The curriculum of 2 years MSc is advanced and technically rigorous in nature with the aim to equip students with the advanced tools of professional economists. It is suitable for students who either intend to pursue doctoral studies or are planning a career as research economists in academia, the public sector, international institutions, economic consulting, the financial industry, think tanks, or other research centers.

Unique features of the MSc curriculum:

  • It equips the students with a solid grounding in modern economics.
  • Wide-ranging two-semester sequences in macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics not only cover the dense theoretical aspects but most of the essential models and tools used by research economists.


Mission of the MSc program 

Our mission is to train students at the undergraduate and graduate level in the methods and ideas of modern economics, and to conduct both basic and applied research in economics that pushes forward the frontier of knowledge in the field.


Objectives of the program

  • To prepare students who can understand the real world economic problems and can apply problems solving skills to get realistic solutions. 
  • To orient students with core economic principles and policy issues so that they are able to interpret and apply knowledge on the local economies.
  • To provide at least basic banking and financial markets analytical skills to all career fields.

Eligibility/ Pre-requisite for admission: B.A/BSc or Equivalent
Duration: Two years programme spread over 04 semesters, two semesters per year. 
Course and Credit Requirements: A total of 68 credits are required to complete the degree.