Directorate of Administration

Directorate of Administration


The Director Administration is assisted by an Assistant Administrative Office, Office Superintendent and Ministerial Staff Members appointed when need arises. The Director Administration looks after the following assignments. 


University Grounds 

  1. Maintenance of Grounds and Gardens.
  2. Maintenance of Service Records of Malies i.e. Personal Files, Service Books, Leave Accounts, Preparation of Malies working in Grounds and Gardens.
  3. Mowing a Lawn and cutting of the hedges in the entire University.
  4. Arrangements for Private as well Official Functions.
  5. Cleaning of all water channels and watering the entire University Campus.
  6. Plantation of tree as well as flowers and Nurseries.
  7. Helping Departments and Offices in their shifting.
  8. Making seating Arrangement in various Examinations Centres on the Campus.
  9. Sprinkling of water in the University.



  1. Maintenance of Service Record i.e. Personal Files, Service Books, Leave Accounts and Preparation of Pay Bills of all Sweepers working in Sanitation
  2. Maintenance of Cleanliness on the Campus.
  3. Removal of Garbage from the University.


University Guest House

If university establishes a guest house then:

  1. Maintenance of Service Record i.e. Personal Files, Service Books, Leave Accounts and Preparation of Pay Bills etc.of the Bearers, Cooks and other Staff working in the University Guest House.
  2. Accommodation arrangements for Official as well as Private Guests, their Entertainment and Realization of Charges on this count.
  3. Arrangements for Tea, Lunches, Dinners, etc. for the meetings of the different Committees, Academic Council, Syndicate, Senate etc.



  1. Maintenance of Service Record i.e. Personal Files, Service Books, Leave Account and Preparation of Pay Bills of all Drives,Conductors etc. working in the Transport Wings of the University.
  2. Effecting of the Purchase and Repair of University Vehicles.
  3. Provision of Conveyance Facilities to the University Employees, Conveyance to University Staff in Emergencies and arrangement of Transport Facilities for Students on Study Tours as well as Seminars, Symposia, and conference at other Campus.
  4. Distribution of stationery to Examination Centres in the Province.


Revenue of Property

  1. Maintenance of Records of all entertainment and food areas on the Campus.
  2. Making arrangements for all types of Activities of the Food Committee.
  3. Maintenance of Record of land as well as its Revenue Records.


Security Office

The Security Office looks after the following arrangements:

  1. Distribution of Duties among chowkidars on the various points of the Campus.
  2. Maintaining vigilance over the performance of Duties by Chowkidars and maintaining vigil on the Law and Order Situation on the Campus.
  3. Reporting on all untoward incidents to the concerned authorities.
  4. Controlling and Regulating the Movement of the Watch and Ward at the time of Emergencies.
  5. Maintaining of Records of Duties, Activities, Movements and Leave etc Watch and Ward Staff.