QEC(Afilliated Colleges)

Welcome to the Quality Enhancement Cell for Affiliated Colleges (QECAC)

At QECAC, we are dedicated to fostering excellence in education through continuous improvement and enhancement processes. As a dynamic unit within our educational ecosystem, our primary mission is to ensure the highest standards of quality in teaching, research, and administrative practices across all affiliated colleges at SBBWU.

Our Commitment to Quality

QECAC operates as a vital link between affiliated colleges and overarching quality standards. Through rigorous assessments, strategic planning, and collaborative initiatives, we strive to elevate the overall educational experience for students, faculty, and stakeholders alike. Our commitment to quality enhancement is underpinned by a proactive approach that embraces innovation, best practices, and the pursuit of academic excellence.

How We Work

Internally, each affiliated college is equipped with its own Quality Enhancement Cell, a vital component of the educational ecosystem. QECs of Affiliated Colleges collaborate with QECAC to implement quality enhancement initiatives, conduct self-assessment processes, and contribute to the continuous improvement of teaching, research, and administrative practices within their respective institutions.

QECAC operates as a supportive and consultative body, providing resources, guidance, and expertise to affiliated colleges. Through regular assessments, workshops, and feedback loops, we foster an environment of improvement and innovation, ultimately enriching the educational landscape.


QECAC envisions a future where each affiliated college stands as a beacon of academic brilliance, nurturing innovation, fostering critical inquiry, and facilitating comprehensive development. Our vision is to spearhead a transformative odyssey, upholding unparalleled standards of quality in pedagogy, research, and governance. Through strategic partnerships, perpetual refinement, and an unwavering dedication to international benchmarks, QECAC seeks to sculpt a dynamic and all-encompassing educational milieu, equipping students to thrive in the evolving landscapes of the world.


QECAC is all about improving education in affiliated colleges. We work on ensuring that the quality of education is top-notch by using strong checks, encouraging ongoing improvement, and giving helpful advice. Our goal is to team up with colleges to create an environment that supports creativity, research, and the overall growth of students. By being actively involved, helping colleges get better, and sticking to good practices, QECAC wants to raise the bar for education, making sure students are well-prepared for success in a global world.

Functions of QECAC 

1. In consultation with each College Principal, identify a focal person or a change team in each AC

(College Principal will issue appointment orders).

2. To implement quality assurance mechanisms at ACs, per HEC/QAA guidelines.

3. To monitor the quality standards at ACs, per HEC/QAA guidelines.

4. To contribute to the implementation of the 2-year Associate Degree program under the

Undergraduate Education Policy UGEP 2023 at ACs.

5. To contribute to the implementation of the 4-year Bachelor Degree program in colleges that offer


6. To provide periodic monitoring reports to HEC via the QEC.

7. To plan and conduct capacity building activities for faculty and staff of ACs.

Operational Framework:

1. The operations of the QECACs will be aligned with those of the QEC.

2. However, when the HEC revamps the Quality Assurance System, the operations of the QEC, and

consequentially of the QECACs, will be changed accordingly.

Role and Responsibilities of the Deputy Director:

1. Provide overall leadership to the proper functioning of the QECACs.

2. In consultation with each College Principal, get nominations for a focal person or a change team

at each AC.

3. Share important updates regarding affiliating university and HEC policies with each focal person

or a change team and College Principal in each AC.

4. Assist each AC with the adoption of quality assurance mechanisms.

5. Organize and conduct capacity-building workshops on quality assurance practices at ACs.

6. Obtain data for, and compile, periodic progress reports.

7. Through the Director QEC, submit periodic reports of the QECACs unit to the HEC.

8. Any other.

Role and Responsibilities of the Assistant Director/s:

1. Act as a liaison between a focal person or change team at each allocated AC and the QECACs


2. Help each allocated AC in producing monitoring reports.

3. Support implementation of quality assurance practices at ACs in compliance with the guidelines

provided by QAA/HEC.

4. Address queries and provide feedback received from each allocated AC.

5. Provide support for capacity building workshops at ACs.

6. Support the Deputy Director with their responsibilities.

7. Any other.

Role and Responsibilities of Focal Person/Change Team (in ACs):

1. Act as a liaison between their college and QECACs at the university.

2. Facilitate implementation of quality standards at their AC per HEC/QAA/QEC guidelines.

3. Collect academic data (of the AC) as advised by the QECACs.

4. Communicate academic concerns of the AC to the QECACs.

5. Provide inputs to the QECACs for plans and proposals for training AC faculty.

6. Compile requisite data for preparation of a monitoring report as per the requirements of