Affiliation & Monitoring Cell

Responsibilities/ Functions of Affiliations & Monitoring Cell


  • To monitor all the departments
  • To disseminate Curriculum provided by parent department further to the concerned affiliated colleges.
  • Providing Week wise modules of all Semesters to affiliated colleges in the start of each semester.
  • Arrange Joint Meeting of Faculty Members of Affiliated Colleges (discipline wise) with Parent Departments of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar in start of each semester to discuss issues related to curriculum, paper setting and matters with regards to teaching methodologies and necessary guidance are provided to the affiliated colleges for implementation.
  • Providing Monthly Attendance sheets to all Incharges /coordinators of University & affiliated Colleges
  • To check, verify & provide cumulated monthly attendance sheets to all the departments of the University & the affiliated colleges.
  • To resolve the academic issues of teachers & students.
  • To record students monthly attendance in database.
  • To declare the attendance shortage list before the commencement of final exams.
  • To make Attendance Shortage list of all Semesters after the midterm Examination.
  • Monitor weather departments are working according to the curriculum & have completed their credit hours as prescribed in the curriculum.
  • To visit all teaching departments in order to resolve Attendance issues and Submission of visit reports to Registrars office.
  • To verify Repeaters names provided Admission Section and monitoring of their attendance in the class.
  • To implement rules of Semester freezing & rejoining.
  • Approval of students leaves for more than a week along with processing of maternity leave of students.
  • To update Attendance Sheet (Monthly & Cumulative) according to the gazette copy provided by Examination Section.



  • To process the cases for affiliation of new Colleges.
  • To arrange visit of Inspection Committee to the concerned Colleges desired to be affiliated.
  • To compile agenda and arrange meetings of Affiliation Committee.
  • To maintain Affiliation and Annual Renewal Fee Record of Affiliated Colleges.
  • To peruse the affiliation affairs of the affiliated colleges.
  • To maintain the liaison between the affiliated colleges & Registrar regarding Affiliation matters & any other issues of the Affiliated Colleges.
  • To pass an official message/directives of the Registrar to the Affiliated Colleges.
  • Coordination with Directorate of Colleges, Higher Education Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regarding Affiliation matters & any other issues of the Affiliated Colleges.



  • Organizing Seminar, Trainings and Workshop for affiliated colleges. Coordination with affiliated colleges regarding their participation in different events of the University (i.e. Women’s Day, Foundation Day etc.)