Affiliation & Monitoring Cell

Responsibilities/ Functions of Affiliations & Monitoring Cell

  • To affiliate new Colleges. 
  • To plan & carry out meeting of Affiliation Committee.
  • To arrange visit of Inspection Committee to the concerned Colleges desired to be affiliated.
  • Arrange meeting of affiliated colleges and Parent Department to discuss curriculum related issues.
  • To peruse the affiliation affairs of the affiliated colleges.
  • To maintain liaison between affiliated colleges & Registrar Office regarding affiliation matters & any other issues of the affiliated colleges.
  • To pass an official message/directives of the Registrar to the Affiliated Colleges.
  • To provide & cumulate the Monthly attendance sheets for all the departments of the University & the affiliated colleges.
  • To compile Teaching Credit Hour Reports of all the department of SBBWUP, for each Fall and Spring Semesters
  • To record students monthly attendance in database.
  • To declare the attendance shortage list before the commencement of final exams.
  • To monitor all the departments (of Affiliated Colleges and SBBWUP); whether they are working according to the curriculum & have completed their credit hours as prescribed in the curriculum.
  • Registration of repeater students and their monitoring of their attendance in the class.
  • Submission of visit reports to Registrars office about the working of the academic programs.
  • To resolve the academic issues of teachers & students.
  • To implement rules of Semester freezing & rejoining.
  • Approval of students leaves applications.


Territorial Jurisdiction of the University: