Affiliation & Monitoring Cell

Attendance Rules & Regulations

Attendance Regulations

  1. Attendance Requirement:

A minimum of 75% attendance will be mandatory to appear in the Final Examinations.

To condone the 5% shortage in attendance in hardship cases, the final authority will be the Central Semester Committee.

(Refer to Para 14 (i) & 2(c) of “Frontier Women University Semester System Regulations 2011”)

  1. Additional Classes:-

            Such facilities should be allowed to only those students who have some genuine problems or missed the routine classes due to some serious difficulties (like accidents, sickness, family complications, marriage etc). In this regard a proper procedure has to be followed by the students as well as by HOD/Coordinator, which is stated here:-

  1. Student has to write an application to HOD/Coordinator with all the necessary documents attached. The HOD/Coordinator will first examine/look into the nature of the case and then recommend/give remarks on that application on merit basis. The case of the students with or above 65% attendance should be considered. The Coordinator/HOD will also explain and inform as to how and when she can arrange the classes for that student, and will forward the case to Monitoring and Affiliations.
  2.  The case documents will be forwarded to the office of Affiliation and Monitoring with all the relevant attachments/details.
  3. Monitoring cell after study of the case, will forward it to the Dean’s office for further directives /advice.


  1. If the application is approved by the higher authority, the HOD/Coordinator of the department will be intimated through a letter by the office of Affiliation and Monitoring.


  1. The HOD/Coordinator will provide the monitoring cell a schedule of extra/additional classes on the performa given at Annex” A” and will attach a  revised monthly attendance sheet. The HOD/Coordinator of the department is required to keep a regular check on the attendance of all the students and specially those who are irregular and should issue a “Warning Letter” to the casual students with a copy to this office.
  2. Students with short attendance without any genuine reasons should be penalized by not allowing them in the exam. Following things should be kept in mind while doing this procedure.


  • Necessary documents (DMC of the exams in which she has last appeared, HOD/ coordinator’s remarks on application, and recommendation of the HOD  must be attached with the application of the students, before  forwarding it to the monitoring cell, for necessary action and consideration.
  • The application should reach the monitoring cell within 03 days after processing by the department. Late applications will not be entertained.


  1. Leave Applications:-
  1. Absentees on medical or any other genuine ground, for one week or more shall not lead to struck off but shall be counted towards short of attendance. The student who wants to avail such leaves shall submit the leave application to Departmental Coordinator for remarks and the same will be forwarded to monitoring section for the issuance of the leave notification. Late applications will not be entertained.
  2. Maternity leave up to a maximum of 4 weeks shall be granted within a running semester on submission of valid documentary evidence one week before EDD, by the central semester Committee on recommendations of Ho D. A candidate who requires leaves in excess of 4 weeks shall be considered for Semester freezing.
  3. Sanctioned leaves granted by the Vice Chancellor on recommendations of the CSC shall not be counted towards shortage of attendance.
  1. Semester Freezing (SF):

            Due to unavoidable circumstances faced by students on account of prolonged illness, or any other genuine problem, SF may be granted. This option will be exercised only once during the entire course of studies. The SF will be granted by the Vice Chancellor on recommendation of the Central Semester Committee subject to the following:

  1. SF shall not be allowed in 1st Semester.
  2. SF once sanctioned shall not be cancelled as a whole or a part thereof.
  3. After availing SF the syllabus in vogue will be followed.
  4. The student after availing SF shall be readmitted to the same semester as per prescribed procedure.
  5. A student availing SF shall be required to pay 20% of the tuition fee for retention of her registration.
  6. SF shall not be permissible after midterm examinations.

The SF shall not affect the total duration prescribed for completion of programme as prescribed in these regulations. During SF the student concerned shall not claim any facilities or benefits even the benefits enjoyed shall cease. Such student will continue after expiry of SF but shall not be considered for any award or distinction on completion of degree.

(Refer to Para 15 of “Frontier Women university Semester System Regulations 2011”).

  1.    Repeater students:-
  1. A student detained from taking examination on the ground of attendance shortage in a single Course or more courses shall be required to registrar for that course or courses when offered and shall attend the classes regularly in order to fulfill the attendance requirement. . (Under reference to Para 3O (a) of “Frontier Women university Semester System Regulations 2011”).
  2. A registration form for repeater students will be provided to the departments by the Admission Section. The names of the repeater students having short of attendance cases will be entered by the monitoring cell on the Cumulative attendance performa. However departments is allowed to enter names of the repeater students (only when they receive official list of registered repeater students by admission section), on monthly attendance sheet
  3. However the regular classes are not mandatory for the students with improvement cases and repeater students, who had already appeared in final term exams of a particular course(s) and failed to pass them.
  1.   Struck off Cases:-

The regular students who remain absent from the classes for one week without intimation shall be reported by the concerned teacher to the Head of the Department/Institution who shall issue a warning letter to the students in writing with a copy  thereof  to the parents. In case the student remains absent for the second consecutive week she shall be issued a struck off notice by the department, (with the approval of the Dean) the copy of which should be forwarded to the monitoring cell and admission section. However the Coordinators can issue struck off notices to the students who got failed the course or Courses in the first & second semester (refer to Para 32 of “Frontier Women university Semester System Regulations 2011”).

  1. It should be deemed necessary for all the HODs/Coordinators to intimate about the status of the student (e.g. struck off notification, admission cancellation, semester freezing etc) in the monthly attendance sheets before submitting it to this office. The same will be repeated if the student leaves the course during the running semester.


  1. Attendance Performa:-



  1. The new attendance Performa will be provided to the all departments in the start of the semester. At the back of that Performa the course instructor has to fill the curriculum details / module details (for four weeks). They have to tick the mentioned course content week wise. This will help us to know about the status of the courses taught to the students.
  2. The following issues should be seen and ensured in particular by the attendance    submission incharge of your department:
  • All particulars to be filled completely and correctly.
  • The data sheet should be signed by the HOD.
  • No. of lectures delivered should be very clearly mentioned.
  • Name of the repeater should be written after the verification from admission section.
  • No abbreviations or symbols are allowed to be used in this report.
  • “P” should be used to denote Present and “A” should be used for absent.
  • No hand written names of the students will be acceptable.
  • The Head of departments are required to handover all the data sheets to monitoring cell on or before 1st of every month positive with the attendance submission performa attached at Annex “B”.
  • The last month attendance sheets will be collected one week before the commencement of final exams so that the eligibility of students to appear in the final exams  (on the basis of class attendance) can be verified easily. The last date of which will be communicated to the departments by the Monitoring section.
  1. The Coordinators shall submit the soft copy of weekly modules (week wise breakup), for fall & Spring Semesters (18 weeks respectively) study pertaining to BS & Master programs on the following e-mail address:, before the commencement of new classes. The modules for each subject should be prepared separately. After having prepared all the modules; should be sent to us as one document and not in bits and pieces.
  2. The Coordinators will write the week wise breakup at the back of the attendance sheets by themselves which will be monitored in person by the monitoring cell and regular visit reports will be generated thereafter.
  1. Late admissions:-


      The HOD/Coordinator will take extra classes for the students with late admissions, to complete their 75% attendance before the commencement of final exams.


  1. Surprise Visits:-

      On the directives of the Competent Authority, the officials of the Affiliation and Monitoring Section will have surprise monthly visits to the departments of different campuses and the departments of the affiliated Colleges/Institutions, for checking of the record and to assist them in resolving their problems. The report/facts of the visit will be communicated to the Higher Authorities.




Problems and queries if any may be forwarded to:-

 Deputy Registrar, (A&M).

 Phone .No:  091-9224723.

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