Media and Public Relations office

Media and Public Relations

It is an administrative department responsible for the following:

  • Coordinating between various external agencies and SBBWU internal departments and compiling and analyzing relevant data.
  • Under guidance of the Vice Chancellor monitoring and evaluating PR and advocacy activities including dissemination of communication material to target audiences and participating in the evaluation of their impact.
  • Preparing publications/promotional materials for special events, media and otherwise briefings, and for HEC and other special interest group representatives.
  • Assisting in developing and maintaining close liaison with mass media, as well as with groups and organizations supporting achievement of SBBWU core objectives.
  • Following up on various publications material and overseeing the qualitative aspects of publications (e.g. quality control, translation, review of layouts and graphic design)
  • Assisting in drafting and editing articles, press releases and other advocacy/information materials for both electronic and print media, as appropriate.
  • Establishing and maintaining up-to-date documentation for all communication material, publications, press releases and clippings, as well as photographic and audio-visual materials.
  • Issuance and maintain record of tenders/quotations, advertisements, EOI