DEPARTMENT OF Bio-Informatics

Department of Bio-Informatics

Dr. Farhat Amin



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Momentum for development of bioinformatics at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar can be traced to the establishment of the Department of   Bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics, by its nature, is multidisciplinary. At the University, we have built a core set of bioinformatics faculty, staff and students from Pre-Medical & Pre-Engineering background.

In the Bioinformatics discipline, faculty members are involved in the acquisition, representation, modeling, integration, interpretation, and transformation of biomedical data.

Their work spans a range of activities including biochemical systems theory, biological

process modeling, biomarker identification, machine learning, analysis and interpretation of genomic and proteomic data, text data mining, identification of gene regulatory networks, ontology development, and design and implementation of clinical decision aids. They combine multidisciplinary research and collaborative arrangements with basic and clinical sciences to provide an integrated approach to the development of new ontological approaches and synthesis of new and existing knowledge in medicine and the biological sciences.

The Department of Bioinformatics is dedicated to advancing the application of computational methods to cutting-edge problems in biology. The new field of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology is making critical contributions to diverse areas such as disease detection, drug design, forensics, agriculture and environmental sciences through the combination of biological analysis and high-performance computing. The Department offers a variety of undergraduate courses in Bioinformatics.

The Department of Bioinformatics engages in education and research activities in the biological sciences. Methodological and applied research activities provide students with unique opportunities to participate in quantitative research in all aspects of public health sciences, including such areas medicine, dentistry, nursing and cancer research.



The mission of the department of bioinformatics is to apply our knowledge and expertise to the cost effective development, implementation, support and improvement of the Bioinformatics infrastructure to meet the present and future requirements of life sciences & to educate and produce graduate students in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology who are skilled & able to integrate research and education on the use of information technologies in molecular biology by developing/using bioinformatics tools.



Department of Bioinformatics wants to be a leading department of the country to provide educational background that blends biology with computer science and mathematics to develop Bioinformatics professionals and researchers with interdisciplinary approaches who are able to meet international challenges and to explore different areas of life sciences.


Programme of Study

BS Bio-Informatics (4-Year Programme)

Curriculum Certificate

BS Scheme of Studies 2015 and onward

Rectified curriculum 2015 onward

Scheme of studies 2018 onward

Rectified curriculum 2018 onward

Faculty of Bio-Informatics

Dr. Farhat Amin

Assistant Professor

Ms. Asma Bibi


Ms. Asima Jamil


Ms. Asia Noureen


Ms. Aisha Ghani