Department of Islamiyat

Dr. Zainab Amin, Chairperson



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The Department was established in 2005. The mission of Islamiyat Department is to spread Islamic Knowledge by producing Scholars well versed in Islamic teachings. To focus on the formation of balanced personalities having the quality taught by Islam such as tolerance, sympathy, honesty brotherhood etc, so as to contribute greater peace to society in particular and world in general.

The Department of Islamiyat is to give knowledge to the students about the Holy Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic Grammar etc. Respectively and to enable the students to use comparative approach towards understanding other religions, and in the light of it understanding & making useful suggestion for solving human problems at local national and international level to prepare them to carry out research on such challenging problems of humanity by producing useful works.


Spreading Islam through quality teaching and research and producing scholars with balanced personalities and accurate knowledge.



  1. To give knowledge to the students about the Holy Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic Grammar, and other Islamic sciences.
  2. To enable the students to use comparative approach towards understanding of other religions, and motivate them to contribute to the solution of problems faced by the society.
  3. To prepare students to carry out research on topics / issues of significance and useful to the society.


Programmes of Study


BS approved curriculm doc 2019(updated)

Islamiyat Curriculum Certificate

MA approved curiculum 2019

mphil,phd approved curriculm 2019-merged

Faculty of Islamiyat

Dr. Khadija Aziz

Assistant Professor

Dr. Samina Begum

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hashmat Begum

Assistant Professor

Dr. Naseem Akhtar

Assosiate Professor

Dr. Seema


Dr. Zainab Amin, Chairperson

Assistant Professor

Dr. Salma Anjum

Assistant Professor

Dr. Fatima


Ms. Nazia Bibi