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  1. Applied Aspect of Islamic Legal Maxim “ Hardship shall bring Alleviation” “y" Peshawar Islamicus Islamic studies. Vol:2 Issue 1 Jan- June 2011
  2. شرىعت اسلامى اور وضعى قانون مىں فرق , Ijtehad (اجتہاد) Vol: 2: Issue 1 Dec 2011
  3. Study of the Curriculum and Principles of curriculum- Making of Dars –e- Nizami, ( درسى نظامى كے نصاب اور اصول نصاب سازى كا جائز "y"  Vol:2 Issue 2 July-Dec 2011.
  4. Concept of Woman Testimony in Islam, “Y” Hazara Islamices Bio Annual Joural of Islamic studies. Vol:1 Issue 1 Jan, 2012 to Jun 2012
  5. The Place of Custom in Islamic Law and its Usage in the Present Society, " y" Putaj (Peshawar University Teacher, Issue 19, Dec: 2012.
  6. Maslahah in Islamic Shari’h and its Practical Implementation, "Y". Hazara Islamices Bio Annual Joural, July –Dec 2013
  7. The Concept and Limitation of Necessity in Islamic Shari’ah and Poitive Law, “Y” Vol 1 issue2, Hazara Islamices Bio Annual Joural of Islamic studies. Dec 2013.
  8. The importance, necessity and rules, conditions of “Talfiq (eclecticism)  between Madhahib” in contemporary, “Y”, Vol: 3. Issue 1, Hazara Islamices
  9. An Analysis of the Law of Tort in the Light of Islamic Fiq, “Y”  Issue 30, AL-Idah (Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre) June 2015
  10. Bood Trnsfusion: A critical Revie in Light of Shariah “z” Tahdhib al Afkar Vol 03 July. Decmber 2016.
  11. The Tradition of Letter Writing: Historical and Literary review,  Internainal Urdu Research Journal Ne dehli India, Accepted, April 2017
  12. Iben –e- Khurdadh bah and his book Al maslik wal mamal. “Y”. Accepted, Al- Idah (Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre) June 2017 
  13. Analytical Review of Orientalistic Approach about Islamic Jurisprudence ( In the Perspective of Jough Schacht and Kalsum viewpoint Hazar Islamiucus accepted  


  • BS Islamic studies Book. According the Hec outline Published 2015).

Research Grants and Contracts

Title:  The Problems of women in Fata, their solution in the  light of Islamic shari’a.
Amount: PKR, 0,461 million by Hec 2013


Other Research or Creative Accomplishments

  • One day Word work shop of Research Methodology 2014
  • Seminar On Importance of Dhull Hajjah,, the Command of Sacriifiice and Probllems”,, Department of Islamic Studies, Main Campus Larama, Sheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar, October 2014
  • Internalional Conference as Paper presenter SBBWU Peshawar 16 March 2016
  • 3  days Participate international Conference at Islamabad 13 -05-2026
  • International conference as paper presenter 15- 03-2016 at women university Peshawar

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