Central Library

Central Library

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The Library of the University was established on 6th April, 2006 in City Branch of the University. The Central Library of the University in its own purpose built building was inaugurated on 14th August 2014 by the honorable Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. Dr Razia Sultana. 

Central Library is already equipped with modern day facilities and is also under a rapid development phase due to which more new facilities and technologies will be part of the library in the coming days to further facilitate the users in a better way. The facility is having books in excess of 13, 000 volumes, Journals, magazines, thesis, research papers etc. The library aims at serving the educational as well as research needs of the students, faculty and researchers. 

The Library consists of, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, IT/ Internet lab, Eleanor Roosevelt Corner (ERCP), Library has launched its Web OPAC for its users to search the collection easily from their own PC from any place within the Campus. Furthermore HEC digital Library facility for our users is also accessible.

We endeavor to further improve all our efforts to facilitate right information to the right user at the right time.


Library Sections:

  1. Acquisition
  2. Reading Room
  3. Circulation
  4. Reference & Journals
  5. Research and Microsoft IT Lab
  6. Eleanor Roosevelt Corner
  7. Technical 


Collection Organization:

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar uses Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system to organize books. This system arrange books according to a book's primary subject, and assign each book a unique call number used to locate the book on the shelf.  

Call Numbers:

Each library item has its own unique identifying number, or call number. This number reflects the subject of the item. 

Dewey Decimal Classification:

Dewey Decimal Classification organizes books by numbers. The following  are the summaries of the  scheme.

The Ten Main Classes:

  • 000 Computer science, information & general works
  • 100 Philosophy & psychology
  • 200 Religion
  • 300 Social sciences
  • 400 Language
  • 500 Science
  • 600 Technology
  • 700 Arts & recreation
  • 800 Literature
  • 900 History & geography


 General Guidelines:

Users are relied upon to watch the accompanying tenets while utilizing the library benefits; any infringement of these guidelines will cause suitable disciplinary activity. 

  1. Leave your own effects, for example, totes, attachés, and so on, outside the library entrance, all alone duty. The library renounces any risk for misfortune or harm. 
  2. Present any book or object for assessment, when asked for by the library staff. 
  3. Try not to compose, underline or check any book. Library books are precisely analyzed on return and the borrower will be considered in charge of the harm. 
  4. In the wake of perusing, leave books on the table or on the book trolley. Kindly do not shelve the books. 
  5. Complete Silence ought to be seen aside from brief and stifled chat with the library staff. 
  6. Beverages and eatables are not permitted in the library. 
  7. Keep your mobiles off inside the library premises. 
  8. Report lost books or different materials to the library instantly to stop past due fines. 
  9. In case of lost Library Card, please immediately report to the circulation staff so that your membership is temporarily blocked to prevent misuse of the Library Card. Once you get a replacement by the circulation staff your memberships will be re-activated.
  10. Request assistance from library staff on the off chance that you can't locate your required material. 
  11. While returning library books or different materials at the Circulation staff area please guarantee that the staff has restored the book(s).
  12. Any person engaged in disorderly conduct such as creating disorder, disruptive behavior, e.g. excessive noise, loud discussions etc.; or improper behavior, e.g. eating within the library premises shall be asked by the Librarian to leave the library premises and shall be subjected to suspension of library privileges for not more than two weeks.

Library Hours and Holidays 

Mondays to Friday:     08:30 am– 03:15 pm
Circulation Timing:     09:30 am – 02:00  pm

Library remains closed on public holidays.


Library Services: 

Every enrolled client are qualified for acquire books. Loaning benefits contrast for different classes. If you don't mind enquire at the Flow work area. To acquire books, please give your library participation page no at the Course work area. 

Reference: Staff is accessible to give reference administrations to clients. 

Reader Advisory: The library staff encourages an extensive variety of offices for library clients, subsequently empowering clients abuse the library to its maximam potential. 

Borrowing: Every single enlisted client of College are qualified for obtain books. Loaning benefits vary for different classes. Dissemination Work area react to your questions


 Department wise collection: