Central Library

Membership & Borrowing Policy

Membership Policy 

Students, staff, faculty, researchers are entitled for library membership. The Students, faculty and staff are required to fill a library membership form and submit it at the Circulation Desk in the library. The library membership forms are available from Library Circulation Desk as well as from library page on website.

Loss of Membership Card

Any bona fide member of the University who loses her card shall report the loss immediately to the Circulation staff. An application for a duplicate identification card shall be made with the Circulation staff and duly signed by the In-charge of the department for proper validation.

Falsification and Use of Someone Else’s Membership Card

  • Any person who falsifies the card shall, after due process, be suspended from the library membership for not more than one semester.
  • Any person who uses a membership card not her own shall have her library privileges suspended for not more than one semester.


Borrowing Policy 

The Central Library shall be open to members of the following categories:

S.No Category Details Max no. of Books to be Issued Duration
1 A Faculty 04 One Semester
2 B Research Scholar 03 One Month
3 C Students 02 Two Weeks
4 D Officers 02 Two Weeks

• Books are to be issued on loan to all entitled patrons for a maximum period noted against each. 
• The loan can however be renewed at the expiry if its retention is justified by the borrower. 
• It is advisable for all the patrons not to exceed the prescribed time limit.


Record of Withdrawal

A record of withdrawal shall be made of every material of any kind taken from the library. Any person who draws a book or periodical from the library shall be held accountable for it until its return.

Recall of Books

Any book on loan may be recalled if:

  • Officials of the University have an urgent need of the book ;
  • A book is to be placed on “Reserve” for a course or is to be given shorter loan periods ;
  • It is overdue ; or
  • The libraries are conducting their mandated annual inventory.


Loss of Library Resources

Loss of a Circulation Book 

Any person who loses or fails to return a book within seven (7) days after due date or recall shall either replace it with the same title, or pay its current replacement value within thirty (30) days. In all cases, the borrower shall pay a fine equivalent to 50% of the cost of the book.

Loss of Periodical 

Any person who loses or fails to return a periodical after recall shall either replace it with the same title and issue number within thirty (30) days or pay its current replacement value, and pay a fine equivalent to 50% of the cost of the periodical.



Failure to Return a Circulation Book 

Any person who fails to return any book open to general circulation on its due date or after recall shall pay a fine of Rs 10/- a day, exclusive of Sundays and holidays.

Failure to Return a Reserve Book

Any person who fails to return a reserve book shall pay a fine according to the following schedule: For the first hour or a fraction thereof after the hour appointed for return, Rs.5/- for each hour after the first, Rs.10/-for each full day. A second offense within a semester shall automatically suspend/curtail this privilege for the rest of the semester or summer.

Withdrawal of a Reserve Book without Reservation Permit 

Any person who draws out a reserve book for overnight use without an approved reservation shall pay a fine of Rs.50/-. The library privilege to borrow from the reserve collections shall be suspended for two weeks on the second offense.

Failure to Return a General Reference Book and Other Restricted Materials Borrowed for Photocopying Purposes 

A person who fails to return a general reference book and other restricted materials borrowed for photocopying purposes shall pay a fine of Rs.50/- , on the second offense the person shall have his library privileges suspended for one week.