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Momentum for development of Psychology at the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar can be traced to the establishment of the Department of Psychology in year 2005 and by later declaring it as the flagship department. In the years to follow Psychotherapeutic Center was established to provide service to the society at large. In the discipline of Psychology, faculty members are involved in the acquisition, representation, modeling, integration, interpretation, and transformation of psychological data & methodologies. The department aims to produce knowledgeable, self aware, thoughtful, responsible and well adjusted individuals who are responsive to the needs of rapidly changing social world. To achieve these objectives, the Department of Psychology endeavors to enhance the understanding of students about social, environmental and cultural factors relevant to mental health and also to enable them apply this knowledge in their own lives and in the society at large for better adjustment and learning. The Department of Psychology was set up to develop a comprehensive training programme for professional Psychologists in the country and expand the role of Psychology to deal with a wide range of problems of the individual as well as the community at large. Department endeavors to raise the standard of training of Psychologists in different fields of the subject on national and international levels, enhance the standing of Psychology as an independent professional discipline, to meet the growing needs and changing demands of the society, and direct research towards developing an empirical knowledge base of indigenous Psychology in Pakistan. The Department is committed to the preparation of highly qualified professionals who will seek to promote maximum growth and development of individuals (children, adolescents, and adults) with whom they work. This is accomplished through a carefully planned curricula which includes the following: interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches; theory linked to practice; a practitioner-scientist approach; self awareness and self-exploration activities; opportunities to learn and demonstrate respect for others; and socialization into the role of the profession. We value respect for the social foundations and cultural diversity of others and promote opportunities for students to learn how others construct their world. We emphasize to our students to focus on the assets and coping abilities of the people with whom they work rather than focusing on deficits. Additionally, we encourage the promotion of preventative services, which maximize individual functioning. Our programs are grounded in a systematic eclectic philosophical orientation, which includes: systemic theory, social constructionist, social learning theory, and person-centered approaches.



The aim of psychology department is to excel nationally in its undergraduate and graduate programmes, besides providing environment in which professional and academic skills of students and faculty members flourish.



The mission of the psychology department is to provide quality education, proficiency in research methods and to enable students to apply this knowledge and skills in their professional and personal lives.



  • To provide excellent education.
  • To train and prepare graduates students for careers in scientific psychology and scientifically based professional practice.
  • To carry out these educational goals in the context of a research- oriented department founded on the principles of scholarly excellence, interdisciplinary collaboration, and wide-range service.
  • To assists students in cultivating skills and knowledge necessary for success in endeavors after completion of the degree.
  • To develop the students generic skills in research methods, statistics and critical thinking which will allow them to evaluate future trends in the filed of Psychology psychometrics.
  • To provide didactic instruction and supervised training in the practice of Clinical Psychology, counseling psychological assessment and intervention.
  • To encourage appreciation of diversity across content areas of science and practice.
  • To prepare each student to make ethically and legally informed decisions about clinical, counseling psychometrics, research and other professional issues.
  • To foster identification with profession of clinical psychology, counseling psychology and psychological assessment, participation in professional communities, and active professional service.
  • To foster collegial and appropriate professional relationships.


Programmes of Study


Incharge/Coordinator : Ms Neelam Ehsan (Lecturer)


Course Work of Psychology(BS, MA,M.Phil)



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M.phil and Ph.D

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Dr. Saima Pervez

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