M.Sc Psychology


To enable students to develop understanding and competence in the different areas of Psychology.

Masters Programme Objectives

The Programme will enable the students:

  1. To understand, apply different research methods and enhance the ability of the students to design and implement researches.
  2. To understand biological and psychological bases of human behavior.
  3. To understand the basic and important concepts of psychology.
  4. To use their skills and knowledge in their professional lives in a best possible manner.


Strategic Plan

To achieve the goals and objectives of the department the teachers will be equipped with the necessary needed skills and to do so the department is frequently arranging various educational activities like:

  1. Lectures
  2. Workshops
  3. Seminars
  4. Conferences

And besides this department also encourage and support its staff to attend various educational activities in other universities.


Intended Learning Outcomes of Masters Programme

At the end of the programme student will:

  1. Develop critical thinking skills.
  2. Be able to understand ethical problems face by them in research and other work settings.
  3. Be able to understand the psyche of group, and will be able to analyze the problems faced by individuals in the different work environment.
  4. Able to understand the psychological and biological bases of behavior.
  5. Be able to understand and learn to appreciate the individual differences.
  6. Be able to exhibit good communicational skills in different work setting.
  7. Have knowledge about the contribution of Muslims and other psychologists.
  8. Have critical understanding and application of different research methods and the ability to design and execute research projects.
  9. Be able to understand the relationship between personalities, intelligence, attitudes, aptitude.


Requirements of The Masters Programme

M.Sc student is required to either do a Research Project or Optional Subjects in the final semester to fulfill the degree requirement. Candidates will be expected to develop their ideas to the point of publication.

Eligibility : 

  •  At least 45% marks/ 2nd division in Psychology as well as in aggregate.
  • 1st priority: B.A / B.Sc in Psychology.
  • 2nd priority:Candidates who have studied Zoology, Social Work, Sociology, Philosophy, Education, Home Economics may also apply.However, preference will be given to candidates who have studied Psychology at B.A / B.Sc level and stand high on merit.

Duration: 2 years Programme spread over 4 Semesters, 2 Semesters per year.
Course and Credit Requirements : A total of 64-72 credits are required to complete Masters of Science in Psychology.
Evaluation: For uniformity in the evaluation system, the minimum CGPA required for award of degree is 2.5 out of 4.0 at undergraduate level subject to meet all requirements of the university.