M.Phil Leading to Ph.D

Mission of the Program

Providing the Muslim society adequate number of scholars well versed in their disciplines and able to solve problems faced by the Muslim Ummah in general and by the Pakistani Muslims in particular through in-depth research derived from the original sources of Islam.


Program Educational Objectives

  1. Providing the scholars of Islamic studies with the knowledge which enable them to fulfill the demands of the Islamic Culture. 
  2. Implanting the seeds of Islamic Culture in the society and make the scholars to keep high ideas about religion and to defend it. 
  3. To enable the scholars to follow the Islamic values and ethics and to motivate them to take interest in studying Islamic literature, Qur’an and Sunnah…
  4. Preparing such teachers who have solid knowledge with full confidence.
  5. To create the culture of research based upon scientific methodology.
  6. To give the scholars such Islamic knowledge which enable them to discuss their contemporaries on scientific and logical grounds.


Program Outcomes

  1. The scholars will become able to fulfill the needs of Islamic society.
  2. The scholars will understand the Islamic values and ethics and try to spread it in their society by being a good example for others.
  3. The scholars will have full confidence and good knowledge in the field of their specialization. 
  4. The scholars will be able to discuss logically, any issue of Islam and the other religions.


Duration of the program

  1. The M.Phil degree program shall extend over a period of at least two years or four semesters. 
  2. The Ph.D degree program shall extend over a period of at least three years or six semesters for the candidates who already completed M.Phil or equivalent (at least 18 years Education). 
  3. The M.Phil leading to Ph.D degree program shall extend over a period of at least four years for the candidates possessing the relevant Master’s degree or 4-years Education after intermediate (120 Cr.Hrs).


Course Work of M.Phil Leading to Ph.D Islamiyat