M.A Islamiyat


  1. To enable the students understand Quran, Hadith & Principle of Hadith, Fiqh & Principle of Fiqh, Islamic History, Arabic Grammar, Muslim world, Elmul- Kalam, Islamic law of inheritance, Comparative study of different religions.
  2. To enable the students to understand other religion by conducting their comparative study.
  3. To develop students’ abilities in critical thinking & problem solving of humanity in terms of religion.


Program Outcomes

  1. FThe students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding about Quran, Tafseer, basics of Arabic Grammar, Islamic Laws such as family laws, social laws, economic laws, political laws and Islamic law of inheritance etc.
  2. Islam is a religion and complete code of life which encompasses every aspects of life private, social, political etc. keeping this purpose in mind, the students will be able to think on every aspects of life in terms of Islam and to solve problems of humanity in its light. Students will realize that Islam present better solution to problems as compared to other religion
  3. Implanting the seeds of Islamic Culture in the society and make the scholars to keep high ideas about religion and to defend it. 
  4. To enable the scholars to follow the Islamic values and ethics and to motivate them to take interest in studying Islamic literature, Qur’an and Sunnah & to Prepare such teachers who have solid knowledge with full confidence.
  5. To create the culture of research based upon scientific methodology.
  6. To give the scholars such Islamic knowledge which enable them to discuss their contemporaries on scientific and logical grounds.


 Course Work of MA Islamiyat