B. Ed(Hons)/ADE Program

Objectives of B. Ed(Hons)/ADE Program:

After completing this course, pre-service teachers/teachers will:

  1. have improved their listening and reading skills in English following significant exposure to texts in the target language 
  2. to provide Basic information about Islamic Studies 
  3. describe major theories and big themes in how children develop 
  4. Describe the interdependence of ecosystems and the organisms within and how changes affect populations and the equilibrium of a system. Relate evolutionary forces to the diversity of ecosystems and of the species within them. 
  5. use English confidently and independently 
  6. use computer technology as a tool for communication & collaboration, problem solving 
  7. define classroom management as a means to maximizing student learning. 
  8. identify key features of a well-managed classroom. 
  9. differentiate between various types of numbers in our number system 
  10. To create awareness among students about Pakistan as an enlightened nation , comparing 
  11. Synthesize information from a variety of sources to describe the political situation of Pakistan
  12. discuss the value and importance of Islamic studies.
  13. describe reading as a holistic process comprising comprehension, fluency, and word recognition/solving. 
  14. explain the importance of art education and its role in child development especially for nurturing creativity, enhancing aesthetic sense and stretching imagination. 
  15. describe forms and interactions of energy and matter, including energy transfer and transformations, as they apply to chemical and physical processes with an emphasis on events/phenomena in everyday life. 
  16. develop a well-articulated perspective on information and communications technology in education informed by personal experience and critical examination of computer
  17. reflect on and learn from connecting theory and their teaching practice. 
  18. explain and defend the claim that professional judgment is the essence of classroom assessment 
  19. be able to teach the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing to young learners using an interactive communicative approach. 
  20. identify and assess areas of youngster’ their teaching practices.