M.Sc Mathematics

State Program Objectives

The educational objectives of the master’s program in department of Mathematics are:

Objective #1:
To equip students with a solid foundation and understanding of mathematics and to enable them to study various disciplines of mathematics.

Objective #2:
To equip students with the following skills:

  • Logical Skills:  Students will be proficient in the application of the laws of logic to mathematical statements
  • Analytical and Writing Skills: Students will have the ability to see connections between mathematical notions and applications, to formulate precise and relevant mathematical statements and questions, and to find valid means of resolving those questions. Students will be able to communicate mathematical concepts and reasoning effectively through Deductive and inductive techniques.

Objective #3: 

  • Tocreate awareness and appreciation on the interconnectedness of mathematical disciplines,
  • To prepare them for life-long learning in a discipline where knowledge grows exponentially

Course Work of M.Sc Mathematics