Ph.D Program

State Program Objectives

To achieve the SBBWUP and Departments mission, department’s strategic plan involves six key, largely inter-related objectives, each defined by several supporting deliverables.

  1. Be one of the top recognized research departments in Pakistan and ultimately in world focusing on active research nationwide and internationally in collaboration with other disciplines.
  2. To Provide students with a solid foundation and understanding of mathematics enabling them to observe, solve and demonstrate the study of Mathematical concepts and problems.
  3. To prepare postgraduate students for leadership in both academic and nonacademic     careers exhibiting their ethical and professional behavior.
  4. To produce proficient practitioners in Teaching, industry, computational statistics and other fields.
  5. Enabling graduates to communicate mathematical concepts and reasoning effectively, and to write rigorous proofs.
  6. To contribute in the latest developments in Applied and pure Mathematics through rigorous research and publications.


Course Work of Ph.D Mathematics