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Shagufta Sanam


Contact #: +92-91-9224814
Email: shaguftasanam@ymail.com
Address: Department of Microbiology, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar


1st August,2009 – Present
Lecturer In Microbiology\
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar


M.philMicrobiology,Quaid-e-Azam  University,  Islamabad.
(First Division),CGPA obtained: 4.3/5s.0

B.S (HONS) Microbiology, Hazara University.
First Division. CGPA obtained: 3.5/4.0

Intermediate ( F. Sc.) Pakistan International School and College, Abbottabad. 
First Division. Subjects studied, Pre Medical

Matric from F.G Public School Abbottabad Road, Peshawar.
First Division
Subjects studied:  Science GroupFirst Division

Honor and Awards



Membership Of national society for microscopy

Graduate Students Postdocs Undergraduate Students Honor Students

Supervised 12 research and 45 internship students

Service Activity

Workshops attended

  1. 2nd training workshop on electron and confocal micrscopy (organized by:NIBGE ,Dec 6-15,2010
  2. How to write SAR (organized by:QECShaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar.May 25-27,2010
  3. 18th Master trainers faculty professional development program held at HEC.April 3-1st june,2012
  4. 11th international and 23rd national chemistry conference.organized by national center of excellence in physical chemistry .oct 15-17,2012 or
  5. Survey design and data analysis with SPSS organized by deptt of education,SBBWU .Feb 23-27,2015
  6. Two days seminar on research paper writing dec11-12,2015.organized by national center of excellence in physical chemistry
  7. One day awareness seminar on TB,organized by deptt of microbiology SBBWU.9TH April,2015
  8. Next generation sequencing workshop organized by KMU.30TH Jan,2016
  9. Advances in Cancer and Heamatology conference, organized by KMU.31st  Jan,2016
  10. One day workshop on Promotion and development of environmental friendly bio-pesticides ,10th Feb,2016 organized by NIFA
  11. One day workshop on Teacher –change agents,organized by IDEYA,4THFeb,2016
  12. Workshop on automatic citation management techniques using endnote software,March 22,2016
  13. Workshop on proposal writing organized by KMU.29TH April,2016
  14. Workshop on Writing grant winning research projects organized by KMU.29TH April,2016
  15. One day workshop on IPM of fruit fly in fruits and vegetables,organized by NIFA IN collaboration with PARD,4TH May ,2016
  16. Five days workshop on Biorisk management organized by Relief international.from 29th August to2nd  September,2016
  17. One day awareness session on Media and Cyber crime law,organized by ERCP,SBBWU
  18. One day awareness seminar on World ozone preservation day,organized by microbiology department SBBWU,16TH September,2016
  19. One day awareness seminar on World Heart day day,organized by microbiology department SBBWU,29TH September,2016
  20. One day awareness seminar on World Breast cancer,organized by zoologyogy department SBBWU,24TH Octoberber,2016
  21. One day workshop on development of  long shelf life meal ready to eat.for disaster victims ,IDPs,security for5ces and hospital patients,15th November  ,2016 organized by NIFA
  22. One day workshop on  Good communication skills:oral and poster presentation, organized by microbiology department SBBWU,20TH January,2017
  23. Two days workshop on Understanding the qualitative research :From theory to practice,January 25-26.2017,oraganized by economics department SBBWU
  24. Two Days Workshop on Understanding The Qualitative Research: From Theory to Pactice(Round 1)organized by SBBWU,25-26th January ,2017
  25. Awareness Seminar On Vector Borne Diseases, organized by SBBWU,21st-22nd March,2017
  26. Three days Workshop on “Teaching Skills”, organized by Department Of Education SBBWU,10-12th April,2017
  27. Five Days Training Workshop on Inferential & Descriptive Research Analysis through SPSS,organized by SBBWU, 17th -21st April,2017
  28. Workshop on Leadership and Management, organized by ERCP SBBU, 12th May,2017
  29. Workshop on Women’s Empowerment, organized by The Triumphant Organization
  30. Two-Days Training onEmergency Preparedness conducted by Awareness & Training Wing,Emergency Rescue Service(1122),14-15th September,2017
  31. One day seminar on Fish Farming & Its Impact On Pakistan Economy, organized byovember,2017
  32. Theatre Workshop of “Hum Sub KalaKaar Project” by Thespianz Theatre
  33. One day workshop on management Strategies for Vectors of Human Diseases with special Emphasis on mosquitoes, organized by NIFA,8th November,2017
  34. Workshop on “Technical akills in scientific writing for Chemial, Physical, Biological & Numerical Sciences”,organized by Department of Bioinformatics SBBWU, 23rd-25th January,2017
  35. Women Employability Summit & Career fair,organized by SBBWU,31st-1st February 2018
  36. One Day Seminar on Atmospheric Chemistry & Health Impact Of Air Pollution,organized by Department of Chemistry SBBWU,15th March,2018
  37. One Day Workshop on Biosafety & Biosecurity: Principles and Practices, organized by College of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry in collaboration with Pakistan Biological Safety Association,2th April,2018 organized by Department of Chemistry SBBWU,15th March,2018
  38. Hands on training workshop on EndNote organized by department of microbiology,May 2nd ,2018
  39. One day seminar on “stress management” organized by YASII organization in collaboration with microbiology department SBBWU, on 3rd May,2018
  40. 4th International multidisciplinary research conference  organized by Sarhad university on 9-11 octobar,2018
  41. One day seminar on “management strategies for vectors of human diseases with special emphasis on biocontrol of Dengue Fever,” organized by   Department of Zoology SBBWU,19th ,2018
  42. One day awareness seminar on Breast cancer, organized by   Department of microbiology SBBWU,24th ,2018

Brief Statement of Research Interest

Use of fungal isolates for Degradation of Polystyrene and Plasticized Polystyrene by Fungal Isolates



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