Ms. Sonia Ambreen


Political Science



Sonia Ambreen


Email : sonia@sbbwu.edu.pk
Address : Department of Political Science SBBWU, Charsadda Road, Peshawar.


•    Jan 2010-Jan 2011
Intern Lecturer at Department of
Political Science, University of Peshwar.

•    2011- 18th Sept, 2014
Head of the Department of Political Science, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar (SBBWUP).

•    2011-till date
Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar (SBBWUP).


•    M.Phil in Political Science
•    Master of Arts in Political Science, University of Peshawar.
•    Bachelor of Arts, University of Peshawar.
•    HSSC, F.G College for women, F-7/2 Islamabad.
•    SSC, Divisional Public School, Rawalpindi.

Honor and Awards

  • •    Second Position in Inter-college essay writing competition held at FAST University Peshawar.
    •    Vice President of Khyber Literary Club (KLC) University of Peshawar
    •    1st ever Female President of Students Association in the history of Political Science Department, University of Peshawar.
    •    Performed in Dreams & Teams workshop of BRITISH COUNCIL in Edwardes College Peshawar.
    •    Appeared in different talk shows & Interviews in Different TV Channels regarding youth, and their issues.
    •    Declared as Best English & Urdu Compere of Divisional Public School Rawalpindi.
    •    Declared as Best English & Urdu Debater/Speaker of Divisional Public School Rawalpindi.
    •    Conferences with US Consulate Peshawar.
    •    Consolation Prize in English Debates held at Divisional Public School Faisalabad.
    •    Participated in debates competition in LUMS OLYMPIAD held at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
    •    Participated in Inter-College Bilingual Declamation Contest held at Bahria College Islamabad.
    •    Presented a paper on Human Rights Day at the Department of International Relations, University of Peshawar.
    •    Accomplished Athletics Level 1 course at King Alfred School, Somerset, U.K.
    •    Accomplished Athletics Level 1 course at King Alfred School, Somerset, U.K.
    •    Received certificate of participation in International Islamic Women Conference held at Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar on 1st July, 2013
    •    Received certificate of participation in orientation and training workshop on Digital Security organized by Intermedia Pakistan on 3rd August, 2013
    •    Received certificate of participation in a Seminar entitled as “Civic Education Cafe” conducted by UNDP & UNWOMEN on 30th May, 2014 in Serena Hotel, Islamabad.
    •    Remained a member of Selection Committee for Admission on Sports Basis for BS, MA/MSc 2011-2014.
    •    Invited as a guest speaker by Eleanor Roosevelt Corner SBBWUP in different discussion sessions on “US History” & delivered presentations about the same.  
    •    Guest speaker in a session organized by ERCP SBBWUP on 10th Feb 2016. Topic: “US History: Constitutional & Economic Problems faced by US after its Independence, US Constitution, Initial Government of Colonies, Formation of confederation, Delay in Formation of Union.”
    •    Participated in a 5-days training workshop on "Survey Design & Data Analysis with SPSS" organized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) in collaboration with Education Department SBBWUP at Main Campus of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University dated Feb 23-27, 2015.
    •    Attended 3 days training course on International Humanitarian Law for Law teachers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) dated June 12-14, 2015 organized by ICRC in collaboration with the Department of Shariah & Law Islamia College University Peshawar. 
    •    Participated in a workshop dated 1st & 2nd Sept 2015 being organized by Pakistan Education & Development Foundation (PEAD) on "Inter-faith Women Peace Builders Network" at Shelton Hotel, Peshawar.
    •    Presented a paper about a critique on Article 9 & 29 of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan in a 2-days International Conference dated 28th & 29th July 2015 held at Bara Gali organized by History Department of Peshawar University in collaboration with Hans Seidel Foundation. 
    •    Attended 2-days Review Workshop jointly organized by Pakistan Council of World Religions-Faith Friends (PCWR-FF) & World Relief Germany on 13th & 14th January 2016 at Diocese Centre Peshawar. The topic of the workshop was: "Promoting Peace & Harmony through an Interfaith Network at the Grass Roots Level." 
    •    Organized & participated in an international conference on "China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC: Challenges & Opportunities" at SBBWUP on March 10, 2016. 
    •    Session moderator in an international conference of Social Sciences on "Emerging Problems of the Developing Countries: Indigenous Responses and Way Forward" held on March 15-17, 2016 & organized by SBBWUP in collaboration with HEC. 
    •    Session moderator in an international conference on "The Question of Pakhtun Identity in the Pak-Afghan Region: Challenges & Prospects" jointly organized by SBBWUP & Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (AWKUM) dated April 20-22, 2016. 
    •    Participated in a skype session with US Consulate at ERCP SBBWUP on 18th May 2016. Speaker: Matt. J.Duffy. Topic: Media Law/Role of Media in Politics.
    •    Guest speaker in an event organized by Eleanor Roosevelt Corner (ERCP) regarding US Memorial Day on Thursday, 26th May 2016 in which also delivered a presentation regarding US Memorial Day in the wake of US Civil War veterans to the students of SBBWU/Political Science Department. 
    •    Received certificate of participation in a 2-days training workshop on "The Role of Teachers in Social Cohesion & Religious Harmony" organized by Pakistan Institute of Peace Studies (PIPS) held on May 30-31, 2016 at Shangrila Resort Hotel Murree.
    •    Organized a session of Political Science students with US Political & Economic Chief Kathryn Hoffman at the US Consulate Peshawar on Thursday 2nd June 2016. The topic of the lecture was "Research Methods & Critical Thinking".
    •     Participated in a three days training workshop at Bara-Gali mutually organized by University of Peshawar (UoP) & International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). The topic of the workshop was: "Intrafaith Tolerance: The Ethics of Disagreement in Islam." The workshop was held on 6th-7th August 2016.
    •     Participated in a national conference titled: "International Terrorism and Pakistan" organized by National Solidarity Council at Marriott Hotel, Islamabad on 8th August 2016. 
    •    Participated & delivered presentaions in a 4-days training workshop on 30th-31st July 2016 & 3rd-4th August 2016 jointly organized by Pakistan Council of World Religions-Faith Friends (PCWR-FF) & Peace, Education and Development Foundation (PEADS). The theme of the workshop was: "Networking, Capacity Building, Leadership & Communication Skills among Women.
    •    Was invited as a guest speaker in a radio talk show organized by Peace, Education & Development Foundation (PEADS) Peshawar on 2nd August 2016 & spoke on the topic: "Women in Leadership Roles." 
    •    Participated in a Peace Conference on 21st September 2016 on International Peace Day at Shelton Greens Peshawar & spoke on the “Role of Women in Promoting Peace & Harmony in the World.”  
    •    Again participated in a Peace Conference on 30th September 2016 at Shelton Greens Peshawar & highlighted the spirit & sanctity of the Islamic month of Muharram ul Haram & it's importance.
    •    Attended a 3-days training workshop with Church of Sweden at Best Western Hotel, Islamabad dated 3-5 Oct, 2016 regarding capacity building, gender justice & mainstreaming of women. Also delivered few presentations highlighting the theme of interfaith harmony. 
    •    Held meetings with MPA Meraj Humayun Chairperson Women Parliamentarian Caucus and Romana Jalil General Secretary Caucus at Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa Provincial Assembly & discussed minority issues & advocated for increasing minorities’ quota in jobs.
    •    Participated in a skype session with US Consulate at ERCP SBBWUP on 20th Oct, 2016. Speaker: Ms. Kathryn Hoffman (Political & Economic Chief US Consulate Peshawar). Topic: US Elections 2016.
    •    Attended one-day training workshop on “Peace & Conflict Resolution Skills” organized by Pakistan Council of World Religions-Faith Friends (PCWR-FF) at Shelton Green’s Hotel Peshawar on Oct 29, 2016.  
    •    Organized & delivered presentation in a workshop at ERCP SBBWUP on 21st Nov 2016. Topic: Peace & Conflict Resolution.
    •    Attended two-days training workshop on “Interfaith & Communal Harmony” organized by HEC & University of Peshawar on 6th-7th January, 2017 at Margala Hotel Islamabad.
    •    14th March 2017: Seminar with American delegation of Latter-Day Saints Church and briefing to the President Kirt L.Hodges under Muslim-Mormons Coordination Caucus on 14th March 2017 at Marriott Hotel Islamabad
    •    13th July 2017: Attended & guest speaker at interfaith harmony event held at University of Peshawar.
    •    9th Sept 2017: Visited Chitral for preservation of Kelasha community.
    •    29th September 2017:  Held a meeting with Norwegian Church Aid & Arch-Bishop of the Church of Sweden in Islamabad in which discussed the challenges facing minorities in KP and issues regarding interfaith harmony in detail.  
    •    9th Oct-11th Oct 2017: Received certificate of participation as session moderator in 26th International Pakistan History Conference on "State & Society in South Asia: A Historical Perspective" held in collaboration with University of Peshawar, SBBWUP, Islamia College University and HEC.
    •    7th Oct 2017: Attended a training workshop with Police authorities of KP on 7th Oct 2017 at Shelton's Rezidor Peshawar. The training was organized under the banner of Pakistan Council of World Religions-Faith Friends (PCWR-FF). 
    •    17th Oct 2017: Organizer & focal person for provincial conference on "Women's Role in Peace building and Leadership" held at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar in collaboration with HEC Seerat Chair and Pakistan Council of World Religions- Faith Friends (PCWR-FF).
    •    1st March 2018: Appointed as focal person for Pakistan Chapter of the Talloires Network (PCTN) organized by the Mechanical & Manufacturing School of Engineering NUST Islamabad 
    •    1st March 2018: Participated in a symposium on “Evolution of Islamic law in Pakistan- an Analysis” at the Council of Islamic Ideology CII Islamabad.
    •    8th March 2018: Offered my services as Evaluator in 96th Frontier Education Foundation (FEF) training of government college lecturers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at FEF Academy Kohat.
    •    9-10th July 2018: attended training as Presiding Officer for general elections 2018 held by the Election Commission of Pakistan.
    •    26-28th September 2018: Attended 3-day international conference at Air University Islamabad on the theme “De-radicalization: Perceptions, Realities and Challenges of Campus Life” in which presented a paper on the topic “Guiding Principles for de-radicalization of Youth: A Study from Religious Perspective.”
    •    11th Oct 2018: Meeting with US Consul General Jonathan Shrier, Islamabad. 
    •    25-26th Oct 2018: Organized and moderated interational conference on “Mainstreaming Tribal Areas in KP: Prospects and Challenges” at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar.
    •    Nov 28, 2018: Attended a youth dialogue on “Democratic, Peaceful Governance and Sustainable Development” jointly organized by UNDP & PILDAT at PC Peshawar. 


  • Participated at a seminar organized by Pakistan Council of Islamic Ideology on “Pakistan main imrani shaoor or samaji rabt ka farogh” (The Promotion of Intellectual Awareness & Social Contacts in Pakistan) held at Council of Islamic Ideology, Islamabad.                                                                                 August 31, 2021


  • Delivered presentation to Church of Sweden on Social Cohesion/Intra Faith Relations at Diocese Church Peshawar.                                                        Jan 17, 2019
  • Participated in a training workshop organized by Bedari (Human Rights Organization) in collaboration with Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Islamabad for ending Child marriages held at Hill View Hotel, Islamabad.                           28th Feb, 2019
  • Organizer and Stage Secretary at 1-day national symposium held at SBBWU on “The Kashmir Isuue: Current Situation & Way Forward.”                28th March, 2019
  • Stage Secretary at 1 day training workshop organized by PILDAT in collaboration with SBBWU at SBBWU on “Policy Processes Leading to Inclusive & Pro-Youth Legislation”.                                                                               26th August, 2021


  • Appointed as a focal person for “Department relevant to Social Protection & Gender Mainstreaming” for coordination with P&DD Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Planning & Development Department.                                  8th March, 2021.
  • Served as a member of DREAMS & TEAMS, British Council, Peshawar & U.K
  • Previously remained a member of Character Building Society for Students.
  • Remained a member of the Selection Committee for Admission on Sports Basis for BS, MA/MSc 2011-2014.
  • Currently the member of Peshawar-based Think-Tank “Peshawar Policy Group” (PPG)

Currently also the member of Women Wing of an organization “Pakistan Council of World Religions-Faith Friends” (PCWR-FF) that works for interfaith harmony for promoting peace, harmony & tolerance between different religions.

Graduate Students Postdocs Undergraduate Students Honor Students


Service Activity

Organized a workshop in the Department on Elections 2013 & Post Elections Scenario in which students discussed the role, influence, manifesto & mandate of different political parties and their impact on Pakistan’s emerging politics.
•    Organized a Seminar in the Department on Pak-US Relations: A case-study of Salalah Incident.
•    Organized an orientation session of ICRC for students on the “Role of ICRC in Promoting International Humanitarian Law.” 
•    Lectures, students’ counseling, administrative activities, seminars, meetings, conferences, Staff Proctor


Brief Statement of Research Interest

•    The Impact of “War on Terror” on Electoral Politics of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A case-study of 2002 & 2008 General Elections


  • Ms. Sonia Ambreen, Dr. Khadija Aziz. “Salient Principles for De-Radicalization of Youth: A Study from Religious Perspective”. Malakand University Research Journal of Islamic Studies. July-Dec 2019 Volume 01, Issue 02, pp 1-8, ISSN 2708-6577.


  • Ms. Sonia Ambreen, Dr. Khadija Aziz. “Roadmap for Ensuring Good Governance in Islamic Perspective”. FWU Journal of Social Sciences. Summer 2017, Volume 11, No.1, pp 331-339.


Ms. Sonia Ambreen, Dr. Khadija Aziz. “Compatibility of Education & Training in the Light of the Seerah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)”. Journal of Islamic and Religious Studies JIRS. January-June 2016 Volume 1, Issue 1

Research Grants and Contracts


Other Research or Creative Accomplishments

•     Visited UK under a project of British Council for bridging cultural gaps between different nations by means of debates, discussions, interactions and sports festival.
•    14th Jan-29th Jan 2017:  Visited US under the US State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Programme IVLP on the theme: “Democratic Transition in US Political System: Post Donald Trump America.” Proudly represented Pakistan and SBBWUP among 16 countries of the world.

•    13th -19th Nov, 2017: visited Nepal and represented Pakistan among South Asian countries on the theme “Composite Heritage.”

Selected Professional Presentations

Different Presentations in different workshops    from time to time on themes like interfaith dialogue & harmony, gender justice, women mainstreaming, US History, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Communication skills etc 

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