Interactive Session on “Knowledge for Economic Gross”

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Interactive Session on “Knowledge for Economic Gross”

The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) SBBWUP arranged a one day interactive session on “Knowledge for Economic Gross” exclusively for research students of various departments. The spouse of Ambassador to Egypt, Ms. Aalia Sarwat El Sarafi were the Guest Speaker for the session who talked about the “Knowledge based Economy: Competitiveness, Innovation & Entrepreneurship”. During the session she quoted that Muslim countries share nearly close cultures and all the countries should unite and collectively take part in the progress and advancement of each other and it is only possible with  knowledge sharing as knowledge makes everything complete and only then it is possible to compete with others. She said that Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto being the first woman leader among Muslin world is the role model for any woman who has progressive mindset. While talking about her experience in different Muslim countries regarding the innovation and advancement, she shared that people of Pakistan respect every culture and practice ethics religiously and have credibility. Further while speaking about her experience in Abu Dhabi, she quoted that people of Abu Dhabi are very keen learners. With an urge to advance technologically, they bring different experts on one platform and extract ideas for innovation. Similarly she stated that Egypt is also progressing very fast but it a alittle behind Pakistan so both the countries should create mutual platforms to exchange knowledge. She said that our collective aim should be to “Outsource Knowledge’ e.g in the field of IT etc  to other countries and this can only happen when we will join hands together.

She also shared with the students 4 major components which, through working together enables any system if the country to compete with global value chain i.e. Educators, Public Sector, Private Sector and NGO’s. She stated that we’re striving to spread awareness and visiting educational institutions especially the students who are in a phase of graduating as they are the knowledge workers and their contribution towards the economy is of utmost importance, She also emphasized on entrepreneurial awareness as the emerging youth must be self-sufficient to provide for themselves and for others also and again knowledge has the most important role.  She also stressed upon social innovation.

While addressing the audience, The Vice Chancellor, SBBWUP, Prof. Dr. Safia Ahmed stated that our university students and very energetic and curious to attain new knowledge. They are working on unique research projects that would contribute in their respective fields. We provide quality and up to date knowledge to our students and also providing opportunities to enable them to initiate their own innovative ideas and in the stated regard we have already joined hand with the Govt and with different other organizations already so that they may be able to solve the social problems prevailing in society and such interactive sessions add a lot to their knowledge and the university is open for every positive and productive academic and research linkages.

Ms. Henna Karamat, Director ORIC, SBBWUP enlightened the audience that ORIC is working in SDG 17 under which different linkages are being made and are being actively and successfully executed and in future many active linkages are under consideration.