Quality Enhancement Cell

M.Phil, Ph.D Review by SBBWUP (itself)

First M.Phil PhD Review has been done on 09th May, 2018 by a panel consisting of:

1.    Prof. Dr. Farman Ullah
       Director, Quality Assurance,
      Agriculture University, Peshawar.

2.    Prof. Dr. Hizbullah
      Chairman, Department of Environmental Sciences,
      University of Peshawar.

3.    Dr. Rubi Bilal
      Controller Examination, SBBWU.

4.    Dr. Neelum Gohar,
      Assistant Professor,
      Department of Computer Science, SBBWU.

5.    Dr. Farhat Amin
      Assistant Professor,
      Department of Bio-Informatics, SBBWU.

6.    Dr. Sadaf Bashir
      Assistant Professor, 
      Department of Political Science, SBBWU.

7.    Dr. Sonia Shagufta
      Assistant professor,
      Department of Psychology, SBBWU.

8.    Dr. Asma Gul
      Assistant Professor, 
      Department of Statistics, SBBWU.

9.    Ms. Mahwish Asmat Ullah
      Deputy Director, QEC, SBBWU.