IT Centre

IT Services Students

IT Centre w.r.t community services

IT Centre w.r.t community services facilitate both staff and students in diverse areas of ICT, however focusing ICT services being offered to students but not limited to:

  1. 8 Computer labs
  2. 24/7 internet facility of 131 Mbps International Bandwidth
  3. Services and Help Desk
  4. Video Conferencing
  5. Learning Centre
  6. Internships
  7. Final Year projects
  8. IT Carrier Counselling
  9. Orientations of ICT Hardware and IT Setups within and Outside University.
  10. Workshops on Technology and Latest IT Trends


The IT Centre Computer Lab offers:

  1. Computer hardware, software and work space to all students, regardless of major, on a walk-in basis.
  2. The Lab is staffed by a technical staff capable of orienting users to lab operations and answering general questions.
  3. There are a total of five lab assistants in IT Centre designated at Computer labs.
  4. Licensed software’s for home through MSDNAA project
  5. Internet and intranet facility at Computer labs, Class rooms, inside and outside Academic buildings, Hostel rooms and Cafeteria and TV Lounge.
  6. Printing and Photocopy facility.
  7. The operating hours of Labs are in morning shift only however new research labs can be functional 24/7.


IT Centre Service Desk provides:

Technical support and troubleshooting assistance to students experiencing problems with their NetIDs,  IT equipment at University and home including:

  •  Personal Computers and Notebooks
  •  Smart Phones and handheld Mobile devices
  •  Internetworking at home
  •  Data Protection and Recovery of lost data.
  • Advice on how to best accomplish particular computing tasks.


The Service Desk offers several modes of support:

  • E-mail :
  • Phone : +92-91-9224770
  • walk-up to Data Centre
  • website :


The IT Centre, Learning Center complements academia by offering:

  1. Training and consulting services,
  2. Scanning, digital photography, digital videography, graphics and multimedia production, and presentation rehearsal.
  3. Offers workshops on campus standard applications and systems for all members of the SBBWU community.
  4. For students whose needs exceed the workshops solution, IT Centre offers individualized consulting.


In addition, IT Centre provides:

  1. Help and Support with Hardware and Technical in Final Year Project on ICT infrastructure.
  2. Networking and Hosting Solutions.
  3. Deployment and modification of Open Source Software and solutions.
  4. Internship and honorary team membership in running project of IT Centre.


IT Centre works 24/7 for the smooth services however designated staff will be deployed soon after new inductions and is in process.