IT Centre

Staff Attendance System

Amogst various other projects, IT Centre has deployed a foolproof highly secured biometric attendance system that logs all the attendance and entry/exit events and generates user friendly reports for review by management. The University Biometric Attendance Control System provides automated time and attendance control, which is designed to facilitate the employees as well as the University. Multiple reports and alerts can be generated which display all the occurred events, processes and desired data. The said Biometric Attendance Control System is also compatible with any other employee database. Having a database at the back-end ensures no data loss or duplication and it keeps the visitor or employee record for a longer period of time. The system remains extremely user friendly yet suitable for an enterprise of any size ranging from small and medium to high resource employers.

The said system is deployed at all of the campuses and due to the inter connectivity using the Wireless Radio bridges Project, can easily inform the management about the staff presence on the campus.


Biometric Attendance Devices Specification:

  • Model                                   TF 100
  • Brand                                    ESTEE
  • Finger Print Capacity           3000 Template
  • Transaction Capacity           100,000
  • Hardware Platform              ZEM 510
  • Algorithm Version                Finger v10.0 and v9.0
  • Communication                   RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB—Client, USB-Host
  • Access Control Interface      Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit, Button, Alarm, Door Bell



  • 3”TFT screen with GUI interface for ease of use
  • Optical Sensor with latest fast Finger 10.0 algorithm
  • Built-in battery backup support approx 4 hours continues operation
  • Multi-modal communication, such as USB Host/Client, RS232/485, TCP/IP
  • Optional Integrated proximity or smart card reader
  • Optional built-in wireless Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless communication
  • Multi language support
  • Contact signals for lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm
  • SDK available for OEM customers and software developers

All of the biometric attendance systems are monitored by cameras to counter any theft and tempering.