IT Centre

Wireless Radio Bridges

Amongst the 13 Public Sector Universities, It was the 5th University which get connected its Main Campus Network to the PERN II in April 2011 and got 32MPbps CIR  international bandwidth for the access of online resources, internationally indexed journals and word wide web along-with the bundled package of 30 video conferencing enabled Public IPs and digital library of HEC.

Looking forward for the connectivity of its other campuses, City and Town campus for the above mentioned resources, Point to Point Connectivity project of the University was initiated to avail and share:

  1. 32 Mbps International Bandwidth
  2. Intranet and its resources
  3. Access and Monitoring of CCTV Surveillance System at all campuses.
  4. Network and IT Infrastructure Management.
  5. Sharing of IT resources at all campuses.
  6. Real time Staff attendance Monitoring.
  7. MIS Application access.


S#    Campus Connected                 Distance in Air     Distance via Road
01     Main Campus to City Campus        09  KM            21 KM
02     Main Campus to Town Campus      5.3 KM            12 KM
03     Town Campus to VC House           03  KM            1.7 KM