IT Centre

CCTV Surveillance System

To meet the challenges of the security in present circumstances, specifically in the surroundings of the City, upon the directives of the Proficient Vice Chancellor the CCTV Surveillance system was deployed in the University in a short span of two months. A renowned Samsung brand was selected for the CCTV system to be deployed in all of the Campuses of the University. Presently the University has security cameras deployed on the important location being monitored and recorded 24/7.

The University has a sophisticated infrastructure for the deployment of both the conventional and IP CCTv System, All of the campuses CCTv system can be monitored anywhere from the world with a smart internet connectivity. The deployments are secure from unauthorized access and weather harms.

The following CCTv equipment are deployed in the University:

S#    Equipment                                            Qty
01    Samsung SRD-870D 08/16 CH DVR          02
02    Samsung SCO-2080, Out Door Camera    09
03    Samsung SCB-2020, Indoor Camera        08
04    Samsung SNB-2000, Network Camera     06