Hostel Facilities


Hostel Mess is mandatory for all the hostel residents. Each resident student will automatically become member of the Hostel Mess and will pay for all the meals served in the hostel Dining Hall.

The Mess System in the hostels of the SBBWU Peshawar aims at obtaining greater participation of the students in their own affairs and also to prepare them to share administrative responsibility. This system, therefore, ensures a better management of the hostel system with the support of students under the supervision of Hostel Administration. 

Each hostel shall have a Mess Committee consisting of the Warden as Chairperson, the Assistant Warden as Treasurer, and four to seven representatives of the resident students recommended by the Warden and appointed by Provost for each semester. The Mess Committee shall elect from amongst its members a student as its Secretary, who shall be responsible for managing the mess under the direction of the Warden and the Mess Committee. The Mess Committee will prepare a weekly menu and will prescribe quantities of food material required and suggest the source and the manner of its purchase.

Hostel dues mentioned in Head ‘a’ officially called as ‘University Official Dues’ shall be collected at the source. Hostel Dues mentioned in sub rule ‘iv’ of head ‘b’ shall be collected by the Hostel Staff on proper Bank Receipt and will be deposited in the Hostel’s Private Account. The Warden and the Provost shall jointly operate the Hostel’s Account. The Hostel staff shall maintain an up-to date record of all the receipts and expenditure. The Warden will check the record regularly. The account is liable to be audited by the Mess Committee. Hostel dues and other food charges shall be disbursed with the prior approval of the Warden or, in her absence by the Provost.

The Receipt books will be in the custody of the Warden.

The Mess Committee will be fully responsible for the management of the hostel food arrangements. The resident students shall clear their dues by the 15th of every month, failing which a fine of Rs.50/- (fifty) will be levied per day. If a resident student fails to clear the dues by the 15th of the month, her serving of food shall be stopped and she will also render herself to expulsion from the hostel.

Meals shall be (taken) served in the dining Hall during the fixed timings for each meal. No meal will be served in the room of a resident student unless she is suffering from serious illness and has been recommended by the Medical Officer to take her meal in the room.

Residents are required to enter the Dining Hall in proper dress. Late or early meals shall be served with the prior approval of the Warden. This will be allowed only if the resident student has to attend lectures/practicals within the approved meal timings.



Each hostel shall have a cultural committee comprising of three members: a Secretary and a Joint Secretary selected from amongst the resident students annually at the beginning of each session. They shall manage the common room and organize extracurricular activities under the guidance and supervision of the warden. The common room funds shall be utilized for such activities.

To establish close contact between the teachers and the students, faculty members will be requested to dine with the students in the hostel every month.   



Private servants are not allowed in the hostel. The hostel servants appointed by the University are answerable to the Warden of the Hostel. Any complaint against the servants by a resident should be communicated to the Warden. It is not obligatory for the servants to attend to work other than that assigned by the Warden for the service and comfort of the students.



Sick room is available in the hostel for the resident students. The Warden will take student for proper medical checkup. Parent can visit the sick residents of the hostel from time to time. For this purpose, each resident would pay a sum of Rs. 1000 at time of her admission into the hostel. This amount is to be spent on the purchase of medicines and equipment etc. for the sick room, as well as hospital visit.

A student, who is ill with a contagious disease, will be required to appear before the University’s medical board for examination and upon the report thereof, the decision of the board will be binding upon her.