Hostel Officials


  • The University Hostels located on the Campus of the University shall be under the control of the Provost.
  • The Provost shall convene meetings of the Wardens and Assistant Wardens from time to time to discuss matters concerning the affairs of the hostels and to make suitable recommendation for (implementation etc.) smooth functioning of the hostels.
  • The Provost shall also convene a meeting of the Wardens and Assistant Wardens if a request is made by a Warden to discuss some urgent and pressing issue.
  • The Provost shall keep informed the Vice Chancellor in respect of all matters of importance relating to the affairs of hostels and resident-students activities. She shall obtain the approval of the Vice Chancellor for any action, which she proposes regarding the management of hostels.
  • The Provost shall be the sanctioning authority for all kinds of expenditure subject to the Financial Rules of the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar and duly approved by the Vice Chancellor.



  • Each hostel shall be under the administrative control of a Resident Warden who shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendation of the Provost.
  • A Provost shall be assisted by a Resident Warden and an Assistant Warden. The Senior Warden shall forward to the Hostel Authorities all issues, which need immediate attention concerning the functioning of a hostel.
  • The Resident Warden shall consult the Senior Warden in all matters of significance concerning a hostel. She will also intimate to the Provost all such information, which may have significant bearing on the hostel administration. Grant of honorarium to Warden shall be fixed by the University Authorities.
  • A Warden shall be the overall incharge of a hostel. She will administer and manage a hostel in accordance with these regulations and in consultation with the Senior Warden or Hostel Authorities.  All matters requiring approval, attention or advice of the Provost or the University Authorities relating to discipline or change of conditions in the hostel or to a need or deficiency or to appointment, promotion, dismissal and punishment of the employees of the hostel shall be initiated by the Warden and shall be routed through the  Assistant and Deputy Provost to the Provost. 
  • The Warden shall also consult the Hostel Authorities while proposing a fine exceeding Rs. 500/- on a resident for breach of regulation or discipline.
  • The Warden shall be provided with rent-free accommodation in the hostel and shall be entitled to an honorarium to be fixed by the University Authorities.
  • As the incharge of the hostel, she will use her discretion and judgment in all cases requiring urgent attention. She will be responsible for maintaining discipline in the hostel.
  • The Resident Warden will issue Clearance Certificates to the resident students.
  • The Warden shall send a daily situation report or DSR to the Provost’s office and the Provost will forward a monthly situation report or MSR to the Vice Chancellor every month. 



  • The Assistant Warden will assist the Warden in the discharge of her duties and shall do such work as may be assigned to her by the Warden / Senior Warden or the Hostel Authorities.
  • The Assistant Warden shall follow the instructions of the Warden in matters relating to the hostel discipline and its functioning.
  • The Assistant Warden shall also be entitled to rent free accommodation in the hostel and an honorarium to be fixed by the University Authorities.



  • All the Hostel employees will be dressed neatly and cleanly. They will wear specified color uniforms which will be given by the University on annual basis. Each hostel is to be provided with a Clerk, a Head Bearer, Bearers (all at the ratio of one for every twenty students). Assistant, Gardeners, Water-Carriers and Sweepers.
  • The Clerk will be fully responsible for looking after the office and will assist the Warden in maintaining an up-to-date record of the Hostel Establishment, Stock Register, Food Register, General correspondence and Notifications etc.
  • The Head Bearer will be fully responsible for efficient working of the staff under her and the safety of the hostel property. She will keep in her own charge the hostel crockery, utensils, electric equipments and other items and will report the loss, if any to the Warden.
  • The cook will be personally responsible for general cleanliness in the kitchen and the provision of hygienically cooked food.  She will not allow either outsiders or the students, except members of Mess Committee, to visit the kitchen. She will alone be held responsible for the receipt of deficient or defective cooking substance.